- Concerning the order method -

Cafe of France makes efforts for your shopping be easy.

The economic shipping mode doesn't exist anymore, so there's only one shipping mode now.
If you receive damaged products, please take photos of the parcel and the products, and sent them to us.

We added several currency to our system to help you to choose the products, but the final payment can be in Euros.
US $ or in your local currency depending of you manner of payment :
  • Credit cards
  • We accept directly these credit cards (charged in Euros) :
    • American Express
    • VISA
    • VISA Electron
    • Eurocard
    • Mastercard
    We hope to accept JCB cards soon.
    Discover card is accepted only via the PayPal system (charged in US dollars).
    You can do your shopping in several currencies, but the amount will be charged on your credit card in Euro.

  • PayPal
  • If you are member of this service, we have a payement email.

  • Sending cash
  • By registered or insured letter, send the money in your local currency.
    Please send only notes, coins are accepted only if in Euro.
    Often the value of notes is superior to the bill, so you have a credit for the next order.

  • Personnal check
  • Personnal check are accepted but there's extra cost because our bank take money to accept check from ouside of Euroland, because of this extra cost prefer to use another way of payment.

  • International Postal Money order
  • In Euro.

  • Bank money transfert
  • With some extra costs for non Euros amounts (But less than personnal check cost).

When we received the order, we write back to you to verify the origin of the customer and to avoid mistakes. If you want to change something, please tell us in 1 day because without reply we send the package.

In commodity dispatch being attached

We will contact you by email when your parcel will be shipped.

From commodity dispatch in regard to the days to arrival

The products are sent about 1 week after your order.
The parcel is sent by air mail and it takes approximately 10 - 15 days out of Europe, 4-7 days in Europe
But of course it depends of your country too, for some it's faster, for some it's slower.

So please count 1w+15d = 3 weeks.
During the festivities, like Christmas it's better to count 1 month.

We use "La poste" entreprise to send the packages because it's cheapest for you. There's two tracking system with this compagny :
- If the parcel weight is more than 2 Kg it's a classical tracking system : each new state is reported.
- Else the direct tracking is limited, only when the parcel quit the french territory, and when the client received it. But we can alway ask to La Poste an inquiry to know details.

From the legal part

Some countries doesn't accept some merchandises, for example it's forbidden to send chinese tea to Taiwan, honey to Botswana and Vietnam, sugar to Iran, ....
Of course we will verify this point before send, but please take care of it.

You must know too that some customs duties can be asked to you by your local customs office, of course we can guess if it will be your case or not.
We will do our best to avoid this, but remember that it's still be possible to have some local taxes.

Here you can find the details about our compagny :

legal mentions